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Russ is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, having received an MA in Counseling from Western Seminary in Portland, as well as an MA in Exegetical Theology from Western.  He has been in ministry as a pastor providing counseling and comfort to many different individuals for over 20 years, and as a husband of 25 years and father of 7, including 5 whom have been adopted internationally, he is well versed in speaking to issues of marriage, parenting, family and various interpersonal relationships.

"Focusing on the whole person (heart, mind, body and soul), I connect with my clients in a natural way, identifying negative cycles that have them stuck, whether they be patterns of thinking, feeling or behaviors. I help clients facing issues such as marital/relational dissatisfaction, struggles in parenting, depression, anxiety, OCD, and stressful life situations, to unpack their concerns, and with patient support, find the path towards resilient hope and lasting change." 503-546-6377