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SymptoProNo longer “guess work,” SymptoPro™ Fertility Education (generically referred to as Natural Family Planning, or NFP) is an effective, scientifically based method of natural family planning that treats fertility as a normal, healthy process. SymptoPro™ is a Sympto-Thermal Method of Fertility Education (NFP) based on changes in a woman’s cervical mucus, waking or resting temperature, and cervix. These observable signs change in response to the hormones of the menstrual cycle. It only takes seconds a day for a woman to track her fertility; then the couple interprets the chart and makes a decision based on their family planning intention. SymptoPro™ works through periodic abstinence during the method-defined fertile time for couples who are avoiding a pregnancy. SymptoPro™ can be used effectively throughout a woman’s entire reproductive life. Regular cycles are NOT required. SymptoPro™ is NOT Calendar Rhythm.

Live and Love Naturally

Modern methods of NFP have been shown to be highly effective with method effectiveness figures ranging from 97-99.9 percent. Use effectiveness, reflecting the actual experience in day-to-day life, shows 90-99 percent effectiveness with the Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP. To achieve these effectiveness figures, it is important that couples participate in a structured learning program with individualized follow-up, that they chart consistently and correctly, and that they follow all rules, especially complete abstinence during the method-defined fertile time. 1

How do I learn?

Effective use of SymptoPro™ Fertility Education involves learning from a certified SymptoPro™ Provider. NWFS provides several ways for women and couples to learn Fertility Education. In Person: There are certified SymptoPro™ Providers in most states; please contact us for the name of someone close to you. Online: You can sign up through this link and begin taking a quality course in SymptoPro™ Fertility Education and receive personalized follow-up with a certified SymptoPro™ Provider. Correspondence: You can receive the core content via mail and receive the same personalized follow-up. This can be ordered through our catalog.

Who can use Fertility Education?

  • Couples who want to share responsibility for family planning
  • Couples who are avoiding a pregnancy
  • Couples who are trying to achieve a pregnancy
  • Women who want to understand their menstrual cycle
  • Women during all phases of their reproductive life: typical, long, or short cycles, after childbirth and discontinuation of hormonal contraception, while breastfeeding, and during premenopause


  • Low cost
  • No harmful side effects
  • Highly effective for avoiding or achieving a pregnancy
  • Marriage enrichment and mutual understanding
  • Morally acceptable by all religious faiths
  • Self understanding
  • Appreciation of fertility and children
  • Fosters respect for and acceptance of the total person.


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NFP Matters
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Maintaining a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

1. Human Reproduction Vol.22, No.5 pp. 1310–1319, 2007