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SymptoProNorthwest Family Services offers a certification program for those studying to become Natural Family Planning Instructors in the Sympto-Thermal Method known as SymptoPro™ Fertility Education. This program meets the standards of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The educational program includes a knowledge component as well as a supervised practicum. Northwest Family Services has been providing quality teacher training since 1980.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Sponsored by an agency
  • A current user of NFP or a philosophical acceptor
  • Have completed the Northwest Family Services client instruction program in person, online, or by correspondence prior to beginning the training session.

Call Northwest Family Services, 503-546-6377 or e-mail: for further questions and details. The base fee is $400 individual/ $510 couple via correspondence with digital materials. Re-certification is available for those who are currently NFP Instructors with another system.

The components of the course which require mastery include:

  • Client instruction
  • The Basic Instructional Approach with the various rules and guidelines
  • Reproductive categories
  • Advanced reproductive issues
  • Background on effectiveness issues
  • Follow-up policy and procedures
  • NFP case management
  • Church, moral, and family issues
  • NFP development
  • Youth and chastity
  • Program management including teaching methods
  • Supervised practicum

Online Teacher Training:

Northwest Family Services has offered NFP Instructors Education for 30 years in both workshop and online formats. If you would be interested in participating in NFP Provider Education in an online format similar to our online client education, please email