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We are excited to offer a new and convenient way to chart – online!

NFP Daily Charting viewWhat are the benefits of using online Natural Family Planning charting?

  1. Ease of charting: Either you or your spouse can your access online chart to enter daily observations. This allows ease of charting while travelling, as well as ease of charting on mobile devices, such as a laptop or tablet. Paperless charting has real benefits, especially with keeping all of your past charts in one organized place.
  2. Ease of chart sharing with your Natural Family Planning provider: sending your chart to your provider is as easy as the click of a button! 

Will this program interpret my charts for me?

You will be able to place your own interpretation on your charts, but this program will NOT offer automatic interpretation. Each woman and each cycle may have many variations that would benefit from the trained eye of a certified NFP provider. We want to continue to equip you with the skills to truly understand your fertility and make active decisions about your cycles, instead of placing your fertility in the hands of a "device" or program that may not be able to maintain our high effectiveness rates. Additionally, we want to continue to encourage you to contact your provider for help if you have questions or frustrations. We hope that this program allows each couple to do that in a more efficient and timely manner. Remember that help from your provider is always FREE of charge, no matter how long it's been since you've taken the course.

Is there an app for my smartphone?

The site can be accessed from a smartphone, but there is not currently an app specific for use on a small screen.

What is the cost?

If you have taken our online course or are currently enrolled, this program is FREE. If you learned NFP from one of our in-person courses, or if you took the online course prior to September 2009, there is a one-time fee of 12 dollars. This is not a recurring fee - this one-time payment gives you permanent access to online charting.

Will this program work with all browsers and computers?

You will need to make sure your web browser is operating under the most recent version. Upgrading your browser is free and only takes a few minutes. The online charting’s “help” section will offer instructions with where to go to upgrade your browser if you need to.

Where can I access it?

If you have taken a course in the past, go to and log in with the username and password you used to take the course. Then you will see the link for online charting. If you did not learn NFP online, you may purchase the 12 dollar fee here. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Kristin Detloff at

Register for online charting today!