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Northwest Family Services has been providing quality and effective NFP instruction for 30 years. If you are unable to attend a course in person, taking this online is the next best thing. The course has three core sessions which should be completed at two week intervals. You will need to receive some materials via the postal service in order to begin instruction: a thermometer, a user manual entitled, A Couple's Guide to Fertility, an activity packet, charts, and background reading. The link for the online NFP course will come in the mail with the support material. A chart is also available here.

An essential part of effective NFP instruction is detailed fertility observations and charting along with personal follow-up. At the completion of each session, it is important for you to complete the follow-up form with any additional notes and e-mail it in to Northwest Family Services. All information is confidential.

You may purchase the course below. This course will be available to you for 120 days. That time begins when your package is mailed. It will take up to 7 business days after you sign up, before you receive the necessary items to begin the course. If you do not complete the course within 120 days, you will need to pay a $10.00 readmit fee to get access for another 30 days.

Please feel free to contact us at 503-546-6377 or via fax 503-546-9397 or at Northwest Family Services, 6200 SE King Road, Portland, Oregon 97222 if you have further questions.

You can register here for this course.