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  • Rose Fuller, Executive Director
  • Rebekah Albert, Deputy Director
  • Mary Zodrow, Program Development Director
  • Sean Fuller, IT & Operations Manager
  • Abigail Wells, Vibrant Future Coalition Director
  • Ana Maria McClellan, Mental Health Department Manager
  • Cindy Bankston, Project Director, Oregon SRAE Project
  • Jenna Napier, School-Based Prevention and Treatment Manager
  • Iliana Fontal, Employment Manager & QA Manager
  • Jackie Vargas, Health Navigation Department Manager
  • Kim Harvey-Trigoso, Program Development and Systems Manager
  • Kristin Detloff, National SymptoPro Director
  • Samantha Furlow, Children of Incarcerated Parents and Parenting Education Manager
  • Zuri Lopez, Health Navigation Project Manager
  • Amy Simmons, Deceptions Program Manager
  • Corrie Etheredge, Housing Program Support Manager