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GraduationThe Parenting Inside Out (PIO) program is a 12 week, 24 session series for parents. PIO satisfies  mandated parenting class requirements. The curriculum is very interactive and takes a step-by-step process highlighting how to be an effective parent. The classes cover all age groups and help parents to interact positively with different personalities and needs.

PIO creates opportunities for families to link to resources, experience coached family time, enhance life skills, and develop positive social networks to build family success.

Classes are free and are offered in various locations throughout Clackamas County. Depending on the location, free childcare and a light meal may be included with the class.

Registration can be done online or by calling 503-546-6377. If there are no classes currently available please contact Samantha Furlow to be put on a waiting list.

Check the calendar for upcoming classes.

Parenting Inside Out (PIO) is an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral parent management skills training program created for criminal justice and systems involved parents through a six-year collaboration of scientists, policy makers, practitioners, and instructional designers. Both the information in the program and the way that information is presented were informed by knowledge derived from research and practice.


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“I have really benefitted from Parenting Inside Out. My eyes have really been opened to what I thought I knew. I am grateful for the opportunity to be with other parents, share our experiences, as well as our similar and different hardships, joys, and sorrows because these experiences have made me feel that I am not alone. This class is a great example that it is never too late to become the best parent you can be.”

PIO Participant