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Deceptions is an interactive school-based awareness curriculum for youth in middle and high schools. This curriculum provides tools and builds awareness in exposing the lures of child sex trafficking and internet dangers. The true story of a sex trafficking survivor is utilized to teach students about healthy relationships and boundaries as well as how to protect themselves and others from this form of modern day slavery.

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Lesson One:

  • Deceptions facilitates valuable discussions about appropriate emotional and physical boundaries and the traits of healthy relationships.
  • An interactive success timeline activity is used to demonstrate how traffickers may tempt victims into using shortcuts to achieve their hopes and dreams.
  • Students will be introduced to common tactics used by traffickers.
  • A real-life video series will be utilized to introduce students to the reality of the grooming process and isolation that sex-trafficking victims have experienced.

Lesson Two:

  • Deceptions will introduce the reality of the pimps’ appearance and behaviors as well as how they lure their victims.
  • Utilizing a real-life story of a survivor of trafficking, Deceptions will teach students the variety of ways in which pimps use power and control to trap their victims.
  • Practical solutions and specific skills will be offered to students to better protect their online privacy.
  • Activities, videos, and discussions will address the dangers of texting, “sexting”, cyber-bullying, and additional forms of social media.

Lesson Three:

  • Students will learn of law enforcement’s response to trafficking.
  • Deceptions will teach students how their actions may impact individuals who did not choose to participate in the sex industry.
  • Teens will be equipped with valuable and helpful refusal skills that can be employed in a variety of situations including sexual pressure.
  • Students learn through interactive videos of hope and help for themselves, their friends, and their family.
  • Students learn skills to reach out to adults for help about sex trafficking.

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