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The Northwest Family Services team currently includes dozens of dedicated employees and volunteers. Each person at NWFS has a unique set of skills and talents which help our organization run efficiently and effectively. We are often looking for more persons who are dedicated and reliable to add to this community. If you think you may have something to offer our programs, we would love to hear from you!

Volunteer Opportunities with Northwest Family Services

NWFS is committed to the personal dignity of employees and expects all volunteers to treat each other with respect and dignity. NWFS is an Equal Opportunity employer and actively complies with the spirit and intent of all state, federal and local laws regarding equal employment opportunity. NWFS supports fair salaries and benefits for employees and establishes hours of service based on agency needs. It encourages employees to continue training and education and to pursue matters of interest or concern related to employment. NWFS is committed to maintaining a considerate, professional and collaborative working relationship with co-employees, as well as people and communities served.