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NWFS incorporates life skills into all of its services and this is one of the main strategies for increasing students’ connection to school, feeling safe at school, learning skills, and developing a positive peer group.

Stay On Track middle school groups – These 12-week health-based groups teach students decision-making, goal-setting, and communication skills. Students also learn about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on health, ways to resist peer pressure, and they also find support from other students who may share similar experiences of their age group.

High School and Young Adult groups (16-24) – We offer a 12-week group focused on developing the necessary skills to be successful in high school and college and increase employability. Sessions include goal-setting, managing stress, effective communication, decision-making & risk, managing time & money, and building relationships.

Family Involvement

NWFS strives to bring families together and work towards their children’s school success. We do this through our multifamily workshops. Bringing students and their families to the school also allow for increased school community ties.

Family Empowerment  

 is a two-hour, multifamily workshop that can serve as a launching point for parents and teens to develop mutual understanding and empathy for one another’s experiences. Parents and teens gain greater knowledge about the developmental changes occurring in adolescence, how to support their teen during this time of growth and change, the negative effects of drug and alcohol in the developing teen brain, and the long-term effects of truancy. Parents and their teens practice communication skills and create a sense of shared values.

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