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Job Seekers

WorkSource Clackamas Workshops

Northwest Family Services in collaboration with WorkSource Clackamas offers workshops to assist you with all aspects of your job search, from ways to revitalize your resume to job retention skills.

In our workshops you will be able to learn new trends about the use of social media in job searching, resume writing, interview techniques, positive communication and more. The most experienced job seekers can always learn something new in our workshops! Click here for our upcoming dates.

Employer Spotlight

Each month job seekers and individuals looking to improve their employment situation are invited to attend our Employer Spotlights where prominent and local employers share their stories, hiring techniques, worst case job seeker stories and also conduct interview critiques to participants. Click here for our upcoming Employer Spotlight.


Employment Specialists at Northwest Family Services can assist you with your hiring needs. We go beyond job placement services to offer you a unique, high-quality experience. WorkPlace Solutions offers free services to save you time and money.

We also provide monthly opportunities for employers to come to talk to job seekers! Those 2-hour events are called Employer Spotlights! Each month, we select and invite prominent local employers to tell their story. Job Seekers from the region are eager to hear from you! Find more details about the benefits of coming to an Employer Spotlight to talk about your business or company, and select your preferred date.

Vocational Counselors

NWFS Job Developers will use the process and steps outlined in EOPII training to accomplish job development, job placement, successful job retention and post-employment services. If you want to refer a client, click here for more information about how our Vocational Employment Services can help your job seekers.