Family Support and Connections Specialist

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Job Title:                    Family Support and Connections Specialist (Bilingual English/Spanish Preferred)

Reports To:                Health Navigator Department Manager

Classification:            Non-Exempt

Position Time:            1.0 FTE; some evening and weekend work

Job Description for Family Support and Connections Specialist (FSCS)

Summary:  The primary responsibilities will be to work with families of youth (ages 0 to 18) who are referred from Clackamas County DHS (90%) as well as conduct outreach and serve other families who might be referred from community partners (10%).  The FS&CS will receive, coordinate, and expedite service referrals, and help families navigate health, education, and other human service systems throughout Clackamas County. The FS&CS is expected to meet with the families in their homes, follow the prescribed FS&C protocol and processes and provide intensive services for each family for 3 to 6 months.  In addition, the FS&C specialist will follow-up with families and providers to ensure the brokered services have effectively met the family’s needs for stability, health, and well-being. The FS&CS will work cooperatively with the DHS Core Team, conduct outreach, leverage and track additional services, maintain an active caseload, and complete all reports in a complete and timely basis. This full-time position aims to eliminate barriers to access to care. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.

Essential Functions:

  • Meet with families who are referred from the Clackamas County Department of Human Services (DHS) Self-Sufficiency caseworkers.
  • Attend the weekly DHS job support meetings (Tuesday morning at Oregon City, Wednesday is alternate, and Thursday is Clackamas) to meet the referral families
  • 90% or more of all referrals will come from DHS caseworkers.
  • Most cases will be closed within 12 weeks with a pre-Family Protective survey administered at the first meeting along with an assessment, a post-survey conducted at the 3rd meeting, and a Family Satisfaction survey completed at closure.
  • All families will be met in their homes or a mutually agreed upon convenient location.
  • The focus of the meetings will be to determine the family’s strength to establish stability for the presenting circumstance(s), provide life skills and early childhood basic training, referrals for parent education and other resources as needed.
  • The FSCS is to establish a helping alliance with the family and provide an individualized, tailored intervention that empowers the family.
  • Meet or exceed the performance measures in specified project period.
  • The overall project is responsible to serve 90 families with 1224 contact hours. For a full time position, it is expected the staff member will serve a minimum of 45 families for a minimum of 612 contact hours.
  • Work within a strong system of collaboration with NWFS services (e.g., counseling, health navigation, parenting classes, job placement services), Clackamas County services, DHS, and other community services and the local schools.
  • Assist with the development of social supports, school homes, medical homes, insurance homes, safe housing, and other essential needs to stabilize families and improve child well-being.
  • Assist with service connections which include but are not limited to clothing and food security, housing (including energy and rent assistance and reparations), transportation assistance, social-emotional supports, Oregon Health Plan, parent education, addictions counseling, childcare, respite care, and employment.
  • Attend the monthly Care Teams staffed by DHS and the quarterly Steering Committee staffed by NWFS.
  • Conduct community outreach and prepare information flyers, approved by DHS.
  • Provide all monthly reports, submit all Family Protective Factor pre/post surveys, and any other report as necessary.
  • Identify and assist appropriate local community providers to offer their services on-site.
  • Develop strong connections with referral sources for community social services, mental health, healthcare, and provide referrals as needed.
  • Maintain current participant information in all case files (i.e., paper, electronic), database, keep accurate records of phone calls, future appointments, and up to date participant information.

65%     Gathering and receiving referrals from DHS, schools, agencies and providers, then promptly assessing and connecting with the family to conduct a family assessment and develop a family plan with the family based on their needs, strengths, and resources. Will help families navigate and access supports with agencies, providers, schools, and various community resources.  As needed, support families through their existing relationships with nurses, teachers, home visitors, counselors, mentors, caseworkers, school staff, etc.  May coach participants in their relations with service providers, schools, and insurers. Will identify and secure, as possible, resources that will ensure the family’s success (e.g., housing, transportation, counseling). Will occasionally prepare and facilitate multi-specialist staffing sessions for struggling families with multiple destabilizing problems. Utilize multi-specialist teams such as recommended by the Core Team.  

20%     Build and maintain multi-lateral professional relationships with schools, service providers, agencies, insurers, faith organization and other community supports.  Utilize referral agreements, financial arrangements, collegial relations, school district arrangements.  Facilitate communications and service coordination among providers to meet family needs.  Networking, coordination, and advocacy with other providers in other multi-service centers, schools and clinics.  

10%     Continuously gather and integrate comprehensive information about community resources through networks, databases, collegial relations, partnership opportunities.  Utilize and teach families to use Information & Referral tools such as 211, FESN, BabyLink, CLARA, and ChildCare Resource & Referral.  Join a select and efficient networking organization, and coordinate with similar positions in schools, clinics, and agencies.  Develop a menu of frequently needed services. Complete all required assessments, reports, and pre/post surveys.  

5%       Leverage resources, participate in staff meetings, case sharing, and professional development.

5%       Facilitate distribution of support funds, as available, to enhance family stability. Will follow standard NWFS protocol.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Meet regularly with Department Manager and program staff to insure program objectives are being met
  • Provide timely reports to Department Manager, Executive Director, and funder as required
  • Accept the guidance about working among the schools and agencies from DHS.
  • Assure HIPAA and FERPA regulations for all participants (e.g., protect personal identifying information, maintain records in locked files). Ensure protection of confidentiality when data are collected, entered, discussed, translated, transmitted, and stored
  • Effectively communicate about NWFS, its mission, and programs to community partners and participants. Utilize NWFS communication plan. Document programs and activities for representation on behalf of Northwest Family Services to the broader community, including, but not limited, to the news media and social media.
  • Attend assigned training’s and educational/community meetings.
  • Comply with all NWFS policies and procedures.
  • Accept the guidance and supervision of the Supervisor and Executive Director in the spirit of establishing and maintaining an honest and professional working relationship.
  • Conduct other duties as assigned

Job Qualifications:

  • Knowledge, skills, and experience from Master’s degree work in human services, public administration, or health care management.
  • Bilingual English/Spanish preferred
  • Knowledge and skills specifically child & family development, parent-child attachment, childhood trauma & toxic stress, health & learning trajectories – all impacting school readiness and success is required.
  • Substantial knowledge and experience with the human services interface with K-12 education; including healthcare, child welfare, social and emotional development, parent-child relations, literacy development, stabilizing families, school attendance, parent involvement and student achievement.
  • Substantial skill and experience with coordinating services for children, students, and families among schools, government agencies, health and social service providers, and other community supports.
  • Administrative abilities to craft, manage, and utilize multi-lateral agreements among organizations to expedite services for child, student, and family participants.
  • Relationship building skills with school, community, agency, insurer, and advocacy leaders.
  • Interpersonal ability to quickly connect and build relationship with children, students, and families, and navigate them to supports through and with the client’s existing relationships with counselors, nurses, principals, home visitors, etc. Transition those cases to the appropriate provider as needed.
  • Ability to work, to communicate, and build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, communities, and cultures.
  • Ability to work independently, take reasoned risks, regularly innovate, collaborate with multi-agency leaders, focus on supporting the participants, and demonstrate positive professional judgment.
  • Overall knowledge, skill, and ability to help impact the four goals of the Gladstone Center for Children and Families early childhood cluster of schools and agencies: Healthy Babies, Stable Families, Children Ready for Kindergarten, and Student Literacy Success by 3rd
  • Willing to work evening and weekend hours as required
  • Experience with Office 365.
  • Valid driver’s license, reliable car, and automobile insurance

Working Conditions:

This position requires frequent and lengthy standing and ability to lift at least 30 pounds. Must be available for flexible, non-standard work hours. Work is performed off site and involves home visits in compliance with all COVID-19 policies at the agency. Minimum three days a week will be at the office.

Submit cover letter, resume, and application to:

Northwest Family Services,

6200 SE King Rd.,

Portland, OR 97222,

Salary range $17.00 to $19.25 per hours depending on experience. Benefits are available according to NWFS current policies.