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Through evidence-based and best practice strategies, Northwest Family Services offers a wide range of programs and services in the Portland metropolitan area. School-based programs include case management, after-school and summer programs, groups, and a variety of services including alcohol and drug, suicide, gang, and child sex trafficking prevention. Our restorative justice program, Peer Court, is an excellent opportunity for youth to be a part of the solution and gain valuable leadership skills. Outpatient alcohol and drug treatment is also available in certain locations.

Children and youth who are affected by incarceration receive individual and group support. Our staff use a strength-based approach and focus on reducing risks and increasing resiliency. Whenever possible, the family members are involved and several annual programs are directly specifically to reinforcing those important relationships.

Please call 503-546-6377 if interested.

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NWFS is a Member of OACP

The Alliance is a statewide nonprofit association, representing the broad system of providers and programs for children and families. We advocate for the needs of children and families, and for the people who provide them services. We want to make sure Oregon is prioritizing children as its top investment, and is building good budgets and good policies for them.