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What is PreventNet?

The Clackamas County PreventNet system, based on the Community Schools model, integrates academics, health and social support, community and family engagement, and youth college/career/citizenship/leadership development into the school setting through partnerships between the school and other community organizations. 

The goals of the PreventNet system are that youth are safe, supported, and successful regardless of their demographic, socio-economic, gender, sexual orientation, language, and/or other status and that services are coordinated, accessible, equitable, and effective.

Longitudinal evaluation of Community Schools demonstrates positive outcomes for youth. Short and long term benefits include:

  • Consistent attendance
  • Active engagement in learning and community
  • Family involvement in their children’s education
  • School engagement with families and communities
  • Students succeed academically.
  • They are healthy physically, emotionally, and socially.
  • They perceive their school and community environments to be safe and supportive.

Case Coordinationcase coordination

PreventNet staff work with students to identify needs and connect them to resources or services, set academic goals, and enroll them in activities to increase school engagement.

Resource Referrals

Connect youth and families to necessary community resources.

Prevention Activities

Family-friendly events or classroom presentations that focus on drug and alcohol awareness for children, youth and families.

Career Exploration, Leadership, Community Service, Peer Mentoring, Summer Activities, Small Group Facilitation

NWFS staff provide up to four weeks of summer programming, offering fun and positive activities such as summer recreation programs, field trips, and summer lunch program activities. Other activities include Summer lunch activities, soccer camps and tournaments and summer outings.

after school programAfter School Programs

After school activities such as academic help, sports, crafts, robotics, cultural activities, dance, gardening, and more.

How Can My Child Be a Part Of PreventNet?

Students must be enrolled in a school with a PreventNet site. Parents or the legal guardians of the student can obtain a registration form from the school, fill it out, and return it to the PreventNet Site Coordinator there.

The parents or legal guardian of students can simply fill out a registration form and return it to the PreventNet Site Coordinator at one of the Clackamas County participating schools.

PreventNet is funded by grants awarded through Oregon’s Youth Development Council and Clackamas County Division of Children, Youth and Families.