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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to a generous grant from Off the Sideline, Northwest Family Services (NWFS) is able to provide financial scholarships for sports fees for youth in low income and underserved families, thus increasing access and giving every student an equal opportunity to enjoy the social and health benefits of team sports. We are able to pay participation fees up to $300 per child per season.

Who is eligible?

In order to qualify, students must:

  1. Be participating in a NWFS program/activity.
  2. Be a student in 5th grade through high school attending school in Oregon.
  3. Qualify for free or reduced lunch.
  4. Be referred through an employee of Northwest Family Services or a school staff person.

What is the application process?

  1. A Northwest Family Services or school employee connects with families and youth in their programs that they believe qualify and could benefit from a scholarship.
  2. Employee provides the application in English or in Spanish to the family.
  3. Families complete the application and the employee reviews it for completeness and eligibility.
  4. Employee signs and submits the form to NWFS on behalf of the family.
  5. If approved, the fee payment is made directly to the team/organization on behalf of the child.

What kinds of sports/programs qualify?

The focus is on supporting team or group sports because of the social benefits and skill development they provide. We can pay for team and most types of group sports programs, whether private, community, or school affiliated, provided they are associated with an established organization. We may pay for other physical activity on a limited basis. Payments are made directly to the sports organization.

What about uniforms/ equipment, camps, or travel fees?

If uniform/equipment, camps, or travel fees are required as part of participation in the sport or activity, we may pay for them one time, provided the total scholarship does not exceed $300. We do not have the structure or financial ability at this time to support the purchase of additional equipment or uniforms that are not required for participation or that exceed the $300 cap.

What if the enrollment fee is more than $300?

If enrollment fees are higher than $300, we may be able to assist in negotiating with the team/program to ask them to help cover the remainder of the cost. However, at this time, our program is limited to $300 per child per season.